Ballistic Therapy is a young indie-label from Berlin challenging the fragrance and beauty industry with its concept, which is as daring as it is creative. “Ballistic therapy” literally means shooting at things to relieve stress – the louder the bang, the greater the impact. The bang comes with a trace of powder and buzzing in your ears.

Masculinity, provocation, attraction: this is what Ballistic Therapy wants to incorporate in its products. Founder Jan Mihm grew up in Offenbach and worked in New York before settling down in Berlin. He describes himself as a dreamer, fighter and feminist. His products are designed to be the “liquid formula of Alpha” – and to question the common gender definitions.

Ballistic Therapy


Only those who destroy the bottle have access to the 9mm round encapsulated inside. It can be worn as a pendant on the hand-knotted cord. The packaging is also sophisticated.

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The slate gray: exactly the same color as Steve McQueen’s Porsche in the opening sequence of the movie classic “Le Mans”. The orange is based on the color of safety vests and markings of hunters. And the copper refers to the 9mm round.



Provocation is an art itself, and the indie-label from Berlin already proved it with its very first fragrance 9mm, by Ballistic Therapy: thanks to the overall concept, which is bold but also highly creative and elaborated down to its smallest detail. A scent likely to (Geza Schön was at work) polarize once again. And that’s what (perfume) art, inter alia, is for.
“Ballistic therapy” means shooting at things to relieve stress – the louder the bang, the greater the impact. 9mm loudly hits the mark. The fragrance is inspired by the invention of black powder in ancient China. Black powder in the top note: This has never been done before.