Escentric Molecules – the label of Geza Schön. By founding his own brand he intended to provoke and reinvent the fragrance scene. With EM, Geza created scents of an unusual presence, which deconstruct our learned scent and smell habits. They follow neither the market nor the myth, but rather focus on the substance and its effect. Ahead of his time but unique until this day.

For the Escentric Molecules 01-05 collection, he created two versions of each fragrance. The Molecule edition is based on a single synthetic molecule of a scent: a revolutionary use of aromatic substances, turning away from the classic fragrance pyramid with head, heart and base – and at the same time a tribute to modern synthetic perfumery. The Escentric edition olfactoricly circles around the same molecule; but he uses an exceptionally high concentration of it and mixes it with sophisticated, minimalistic compositions.

For the Molecule + collection, Geza Schön combines the ultra minimalistic Molecule 01, which only consists of Iso E Super, with another natural scent complex. The M+ creations are unexpectedly alluring fragrance encounters: a dance of molecules – a pas de deux and, at the same time, a game of the unfolding and the perception of the scents.

The London based agencies “This Company” and “Me Company” developed the branding and the design for the label and the Escentric Molecules fragrances; They translated Geza Schön’s language of scents into a unique language of colors and shapes.


Geza Schön

“Revolution is a big word, it means radical change of the existing, and that the world will never be the same again. Escentric Molecules expresses a lot of this.”

Geza Schön is regarded as a rebel and a revolutionist in the world of fragrances – and not only in his home country Germany.

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His radical creations ignore the classical fragrance pyramid as well as the limitations of the market or the industry.

They have not only changed the perception of scents, but also the way in which they are created: Schön is the undoubted pioneer of the new German school of perfumery.

Geza Schön learned the art and craft of perfumery in Holzminden. His twelve years of working within the fragrance industry brought him to Argentina, the US, England, France and Singapore. In 2002 he became self-employed as a perfumer and founded his label Escentric Molecules in 2005. His creations as a freelance perfumer include Kinski Fragrance, SASKIA DIEZ Fragrance and The Beautiful Mind Series. Geza Schön lives and works in Berlin.


new bottled – 8.5 ml

The 8.5 ml sets include either all five iconic Escentric editions or the five extremely minimalistic Molecule editions.

Choose a set as a complementary wardrobe of fragrances or use the opportunity for an extended fragrance journey, and many possibilities of combination. 8.5 ml is the perfect companion, not only for frag-heads.

The M+ fragrances are based on classical, natural notes of perfumery and imbedded in Iso E Super.

Within the M+ collection, the 8.5 ml bottels are available as a single vial and offer maximum flexibility for city hoppers, as a favorite for every pocket or as a little pick-me-up on the go edition – your odorous drug always with you! Choose your signature scent from the 6 delicious iterations of the Molecule 01 + collection (Iris, Mandarin, Patchouli, Ginger, Black Tea and Guaiac Wood)! Get excited!

Molecule +

Escentric Escentric Molecules – Geza Schön once again invites to the dance of molecules. With M+ Ginger, M+ Black Tea and M+ Guaiac Wood – the sequel within the M+ collection (M+ Iris, M+ Patchouli and M+ Mandarin in 2021). Based on the most revolutionary and unique perfume of the last 20 years – Molecule 01.

Molecule + is all about the dance and the skillful interaction of the incredible scent molecule Iso E Super with another fragrance note. Geza stays true to the idea from 2021 and once again blends a natural note with Iso E Super. Natural nuances that only occur in nature dance artfully with the simplicity of the Iso E Super.

Escentric Molecules once again offer a sophisticated fragrance journey and a fine bouquet in top (M+ Ginger), heart (M+ Black Tea) and base (M+ Guaiac Wood). Geza masterfully emphasizes that you don’t need a large potpourri of ingredients to create a stunning fragrance. Minimalism brings clarity.

Escentric Molecules M+

“sorry guys but we just broke the rules again”. 
The most minimal scent is a single molecule of aroma: Molecule 01.
The next minimum adds 1 to 01: 01 + 1. That’s Molecule+

“Molecule+ is Molecule 01 + an unique olfactory element. If this element had been another synthetic molecule, this wouldn’t have worked. Each of the molecules must be paired with a natural element. Only natural molecules have the complexity and radiance to work together in such a dance while the concept maintains its simplicity.” 

Molecule + is the next step after the total minimalism of Molecules. It’s neither a molecule in a bottle like the Molecule fragrances, nor is it a complex scent with upper middle and base notes like the Escentric fragrances. It is a completely new way of composing a fragrance, which is about the interaction of two elements. In every Molecule +, a scent dances solely with the Iso E Super, the unique molecule that is Molecule 01. Molecule + is a dance of 2.
The first 3 iterations are: Molecule + Mandarin, Molecule + Iris and Molecule + Patchouli.

Escentric Molecules Body Wash

Escentric Molecules Body Wash – Super Charge your Shower! The body wash provides a super luxurious shower experience due to its exceptionally high amount of scents.

Escentric Molecules 01-05

“This is no commercial blend. It’s not even a perfume. It’s just a clinical dose of a single aroma-chemical with a name as long as some distant galaxy.” Vogue reviewing Molecule 01

Escentric Molecules is the brainchild of the unconventional perfumer Geza Schön. It celebrates perfumery as an art of chemistry. The scents are presented in binary pairs. Each pair explores a flavor molecule in two different ways.